LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor
LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor

LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor

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New! Detect Leaks with the LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor. Can be used on its own, to detect water leaks and environmental damage anywhere in your home.    

Place anywhere water damage may occur, including under sinks, near toilets, along windowsills, sliding glass doors and HVAC drip pans and around sump pumps for fast and reliable protection. The sensors will alert you via our free LeakSmart app of any occurrence of water.    

The Wi-Fi sensor works seamlessly with new and existing LeakSmart product such as SensXtend and water shut off valve systems.

Key Features 

  • Detects water leaks and instantly notifies you through the LeakSmart app
  • Monitors temperature & humidity; set limits in the app to identify freezing pipes or high humidity situations that cause mold growth
  • Easily connects and communicates through Wi-Fi for 24/7 home monitoring no matter where you are. 
  • Works as a stand-alone sensor or can be added to any LeakSmart valve system to automatically shut off your water main when a leak is detected
  • Notifies you if sensor has been accidently moved or flipped over to ensure it stays in place to protect your home  
  • Triggers an audible alarm, flashes red when a leak occurs 
  • No hub required for stand-alone use
  • Achieves extended reach when used with SensXtend accessories (sold separately) 

What's Included

  • One (1) Wi-Fi Water Sensor 
  • AA Batteries 

Sensor Item Numbers:

  • LeakSmart Wi-Fi Sensor - Item #: 8850900 
  • LeakSmart SensXtend + Wi-Fi Sensor – Item #8851900 

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