Smart Home Gifts for the Homeowner

It’s not every day you can give the gift of efficiency and peace of mind, but when it comes to smart home gifts for the homeowner, that’s just what you’ll be doing! 

Not only do smart home gifts help homeowners in every stage of their homeownership journey protect their investment; they also make it possible to save time, money, and energy by avoiding costly repairs with proven systems designed to make the life of a homeowner less stressful and more joyful.

Today, we’ll walk you through the many smart home gifts for the homeowner in your life, whether it’s for you, your new neighbor, or a family member or friend who deserves to feel at peace, whether relaxing at home or hundreds of miles away from it.

The Best Smart Home Gifts for the Homeowner

Water Leak Detection Systems

When you consider the fact that one in five U.S. households experience a flood from a bursting pipe every minute, it only makes sense to give a water detector smart home gift that can stop leaks before they start.

Leak detectors have taken the chore of learning how to avoid water leaks in the home and turned it into a Bluetooth-enabled, smart home water leak detector device you can sync up to your smartphone, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Control4 for 24/7 leak protection any homeowner would be thrilled to have.

Acting as a water monitor and valve controller, the Protect Flow Kit by LeakSmart keeps a 24/7 watchful eye on your water usage, and of course, stops any detected leaks before they can cause damage when paired with the LeakSmart Water Sensor and Hub 3.0.

The Snap Starter Kit by LeakSmart comes equipped with everything they need to start protecting their home from water damage, including a Snap valve controller, LeakSmart water sensor, a hub, and mobile app.

LeakSmart even created appliance-specific water detection kits to detect and prevent water damage caused by malfunctioning connection hoses. Application-specific water monitor kits include the Washing Machine Appliance Kit, Sink Appliance Kit, Ice Maker Kit, Water Heater Kit, and Dishwasher Kit.

SensXtend Water Sensor Extension Kits are also available, making easy work out of monitoring tight, hard-to-reach areas where water leaks have been known to occur.

Smart Security Camera or Video Doorbell

For many people, owning a home is one of the biggest and most important investments of their lifetime, which makes keeping an eye on the place a top priority. A smart security camera or video doorbell helps homeowners monitor their property and keep a watchful eye on the place whenever they want, whether they’re upstairs in bed or miles away on a work trip.

Smart Speakers

These days, we rely on the world of cutting-edge technology to help us answer questions, call up a friend, or set a reminder to take the turkey out of the oven. So why not add a smart speaker to the list of incredible smart home gifts to give at the next housewarming party you attend? There are several top-rated smart speakers available at both high-end and reasonable prices, making it one of the most functional and versatile gifts you can give, with options to fit your budget.

Smart Home Lighting Kit

From their energy-conserving powers, customization capabilities, extended lifespan, and offer of increased security for peace of mind, a smart home lighting kit is an incredible smart home gift for every new homeowner, from frugal Fanny to tech-savvy Steve.

Automated Pet Feeder or Pet Camera

If your best friend has a four-legged bestie of their own making the big move into a new home, why not treat them to some smart home gifts they can get some use out of, too? 

An automated pet feeder or pet camera that dispenses treats is a perfect way to give a warm welcome home for that four-legged friend, and the homeowner will love that their little buddy is taken care of (or able to be watched) with the latest smart home technology.

Universal Smart Device Remote

Give the gift of total device control with a universal remote. Never again will your homeowner-friend need to spend time searching for a specific remote just to turn on the tv, or deal with a cluttered look of entertainment center controls. With a universal smart remote, they’ll spend less time changing batteries and more time flipping through channels and streaming platforms to find the next binge-worthy show.

So, Which Will It Be?

When it comes to giving the perfect housewarming gift, you really can’t go wrong with a smart home gift that can save the new homeowner time, money, worry. Whether you give one or a few of these smart home gifts, adding a water leak detection system to the gift basket will give the new homeowner the peace of mind knowing they’ve got a system in place to prevent major structural damage and hazardous mold, all while controlling their home’s water and reducing home insurance premiums. Can other smart home gifts say that?